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Everyone knows that reading helps power up your brain! If you read a ton of books, you learn lots of things, more knowledge equals greater brain power. Reading a book a week can not only make you a smarter and more informed person, but it helps increase your vocabulary, increase your awareness of social issues and even become a more creative person.

My grandfather never went to high school or even finished elementary school, but that man is one of the most intelligent men in the world. He is so well-read, I’m sure he reads a book a day. You know what else he does? He eats healthily. He eats foods that make him focused, more energetic, less lethargic. He is in his mid eighties and he is as sharp as anyone in their twenties. He is clever and makes clever choices. This helpful diet information teaches you about a 3 phase hcg diet which gives you all the brain foods you need to become a more intelligent and clever person.

Some of the top foods for brain function include healthy fats with omega 3s that you can get from eating egg yolks and egg whites, raw nuts that are unsalted like almonds or cashews, and best of all, fish like salmon, fresh water fish and not packed in oil.  These foods can really help improve cognitive abilities and your ability to focus and become more energized, and motivated to complete daily tasks.


Not only do these foods make you a more clever person, but you will be in a better mood throughout the day. Eating crap makes you feel horrible and sad, depressed or anxious. Eat clean, eat foods that are natural and from the earth and you will feel so much better about yourself and your body. That’s just science after all.

Going on the hcg diet helped my cousin lose about 15 pounds and cleared up her skin. She became more successful at her job because she was focusing more and working so hard.  She didn’t have a lot of weight to lose but the diet really pushed her to lose that last bit right before her summer holiday and now she looks absolutely incredible.  She is going to continue to follow the diet plan to lose another 5 pounds before her wedding. She no longer experiences brain fog and is in general a happier person.


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