Patient Safety

A Commitment to Patient Safetypatient-safety

Capital Neurology is committed to providing the highest level of service to our our patients and referring physicians.   We believe communication is the most important component of any relationship, and every means of providing access to your caretaker is emphasized.  Fast-paced medical treatments demand efficient, easy access to a patient’s medical documentation.  All components of a patients history, including test results and referrals must be readily accessible by all providers involved in a patient’s care.  Recently, the risks associated with medical care have become important topics in the press, and we know safety is your most important concern.
We have therefore invested in one of the best electronic medical record systems available, A4 HealthSystems to facilitate patient care.  Our system helps us maximize patient safety by automatically providing drug interaction and allergy warnings.  It also provides us with the means to electronically communicate our notes and recommendations to our referring providers as soon as a patient is seen.   This ensures that they can utilize information almost instantaneously in the care of our mutual patients.   Although no system can prevent all medical errors, A4 helps us minimize that risk.

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